Acqua Lublin - aquapark in Lublin, located at al. Zygmuntowskich 4. It is the largest and the most modern aquapark with an Olympic swimming pool in Lublin. The complex includes a 50-meter sports pool, a swimming pool for swimming, recreational pools, outdoor pools, hydromassage pools, a sauna zone, and a gym. Along with the complex, halls were built, in which there are alternatively ice rinks and a small town. The complex also has dining options. There is a sports and entertainment hall next to the building. Zdzisław Niedziela.

Olympic swimming pool

The Olympic swimming pool (50x25 m) has a movable bottom (2.5-4.3 m). The swimming pool hall has stands for 2,100 people. There is also a flow channel with countercurrent for improving swimming techniques and performance testing. The water temperature in the pool is 26-28 ° C. The facility is adapted to organize swimming competitions.